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Because the shoes they wear today will affect their feet tomorrow

You wouldn't think something as simple as their shoes would affect them years from now, but many adults with foot problems can point to their childhood footwear as the culprit.  Stride rite allows child's feet to grow properly with the right fit, stability and breathability because we know every step counts.


Because we're with you for every step.

For nearly 90 years, growing families have put their trust in Stride Rite.  We know every step, and every shoe, is as important as the next.  And we'll be there for your child's first step and each one after with an unbeatable selection of styles and technologies.  It's a choice you'll make with confidence.  Stride Rite through every step.

Because no one knows your child's feet like we do.

Whether they're running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care.  We understand the significance of every step.  Our entire collection, every single shoe, is created from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow.  Stride Rite studies have led to important breakthroughs and new technologies in children's footwear.  Every new material and component is rigorously tested.  And with 30 to 40 tests per shoe to ensure proper fit and durability, you can trust that nobody knows more about growing feet than Stride Rite.


Because our in-store experts know big things about little feet.

Our in-store specialist undergoes extensive training to master the principles of length, width and support.  Once all three pieces fit together, it means properly fitting shoes for your child's comfort and healthy foot development.  We'll even create a personal fit profile so on every visit you can see how quickly those little feet have grown.

Why Stride Rite?

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Established on June 20, 1947, David's Shoe Emporium was originally know as Weiner Shoes Inc., which continues as the corporate name of the business.  Through three generations, we have maintained a high standard for customer satisfaction and outstanding product selection.

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